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Cat's Eye Gemstone Benefits | Cat's Eye Astrological Benefits | Ketu Stone Benefits

In Vedic Jyotish astrology, cat's eye (chrysoberyl) is associated with Ketu, the other celestial entity (together with Rahu), a shadowy planet, but in reality a mathematical point of intersection of Moon's and Sun's paths. Ketu, the descending node of the Moon is represented by the cosmic color infra-red, and belongs to the Air element. 

Like the eye of a cat or a panther, cat's eye chrysoberyl seems almost supernatural in origin. How could something so feline be mineral and not animal? Cat's-eye is a variety of chrysoberyl which has a distinct band of light across its face, which sweeps from side to side. It is recognized in all ancient cultures as powerful talisman that can direct fortune.









Gemological properties

Chemical composition: Al2(BeO4) Beryllium Aluminum Oxide Species: Chrysoberyl
Hardness: 8.5 Density: 3.70- 3.72
Refractive index: 1.744- 1.755 Birefringence: 0.011 double refractive
Pleochroism: very weak Color: Light greenish yellow, green, brownish green, brownish yellow, brown, dark brown
Occurrence: Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil, China, Russia

Astrological properties

Planet: Ketu
Color: infra-red
Number: 7

Ketu Mantra

"Aum kem ketave namah"
repeated 18 times at the time of wearing the Ketu talisman.

Sign: Pisces  
Element: water
Day: Thursday
Time: After sunset

Sanskrit Names

Ketu-ratna Ketu's gem
Vaidurya Cat's eye
Sutra-mani Thread-jewel

Signs of a well-placed Ketu

Signs of an afflicted Ketu
"Cat's eye recommended!"

Prevention of the following diseases
"Cat's eye recommended"

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