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Personalized, one-of-a-kind, planetary talismans of auspicity, potency & undeniable beauty. Invest in your future today!

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Unheated White Sapphire for Jyotish
& Vedic Astrology

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White sapphire is the Jyotish gems related to Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, arts and married life. Like Jupiter, it bestow money, comforts and fortune on a person when it is strong and significantly well placed. It can be useful in the cure of venereal and reproductive system diseases. Wearing a fine white sapphire of at least 1.5 carats (or any of its astrological substitute like damburite of a t least 3 cts.), is said to bestow happiness in married life as well as magnetism and attractiveness for the wearer.
If you want to know more about the gemological and astrological-healing properties of white sapphires & diamonds, click

Important: Important: The following pictures are highly magnified (30X) and do not show the gems' real size.  Color and brilliance can greatly vary from computer to computer, depending on your monitor's settings. Color will also, naturally, vary from sunlight to indoor, incandescent light. Dark and lighter areas are effects from the digital camera. See description for accuracy on clarity grade, color and exact dimensions in mm. White sapphires, damburites and white gems are, in general, extremely difficult to photograph. Many of the photos below show  some greenish or bluish tints or lots of grays. That it is an effect of the camera flash. In real life, all of our sapphires and damburites are top colorless, super sparkling, lustrous, and flawless.


1.96 cts., 7.72 x 6.31 x 4.25mm


1.69 cts.,  8.18 x 6.04 x 4.19mm


One-of-a-kind, superior Astrological, Jyotish Venus Talisman. Original design.




We take pride in providing superior, natural & untreated, Jyotish gemstones, meticulously selected for proportional cutting, eye flawless, imperfection-free clarity, and that inner beauty and uplifting energy that only the finest, perfect Jyotish gems can have. And most of all, we offered them at the lowest, wholesale prices. This is an awesome (copyrighted design), Venus talisman we have crafted for a customer. The center stone is a gorgeous, Ceylon white sapphire weighting 1.71 cts., fine white (colorless), measuring 7.5mm in diameter, perfect round, diamond cut, from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Ask for yours too & set yourself apart.

Unique, spiritually compelling, 14KY gold, natural, unheated white sapphire crystal pendant.


An unique & very nice talisman to enhance the Venus energy. 14K yellow gold pendant mounting  a completely unheated, naturally terminated, 3.61 cts. Sri Lankan white sapphire crystal. The color of crystal is bluish-white and it is transparent. The crystal shape is how it was found, naturally in the ground. We only high polished the external walls of the crystal. We then encaged it in a sturdy 14K yellow gold, basic pendant to preserve the natural look & feel of the crystal. Needless to say, this is an unique & compelling piece that is sure to make you feel special.


Very beautiful, finest crystal white, superbly cut, Ceylon white sapphire. Gorgeous shape.



$650/ct            $1,320/gem

What a beauty! See it in real life and own it. Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 2.03 cts., top finest white (colorless), masterly executed, trillion, mixed cut, and measuring 8.5 x 8.5 x 4.52mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Elahera, Sri Lanka. A superb, clean crystal in a pure white color, shooting playful light & pure scintillation. And the unusual, but propitious shape is very well done, with perfect proportions as well. Natural white sapphires are becoming so very difficult to get and escalating in price constantly...forget Ebay with its synthetic white sapphire market (sold as natural) not be fooled. Excellent, excellent sapphire this one.

Brilliant, perfectly cut, rare no heat, Ceylon white sapphire. 3+ cts. round.




Unheated white sapphires are simply very scarce and hard to come by. A rare, no heat, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 3.68 cts., very fine white, comparable to a F color diamond, superbly executed, round "flower" cut, and measuring 8.88mm in diameter by 5.88mm deep, eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, from the Nivitigala area, Sri Lanka. Awesomely shaped, this sapphire is inundate with pure luster, magical feel and a very sattvic, Venus energy. And the rare, round flower shape delivers excellent scintillation and vivacity. Unheated & untreated as mother nature created it millions of years ago. Very rare.

Delightful, very clean & well cut, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. A bargain.



$400/ct               $664/gem

Elegantly shaped, this unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weights 1.66 cts., good white (comparable to a G-H color diamond), well execute, slightly elongated, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 7.86 x 5.70 x 4.38mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Marapana, Sri Lanka. Sparkling, clean and well cut, this unheated white sapphire is ideal for the person that has longish & slender fingers. Will mount very well in that special ring you have been waiting for, and in all at a great low price for this natural, no heat quality.

Dreamy, well cut and clean, good & centered star, unheated, Ceylon white star sapphire.


$100/ct                $500/gem

A very enticing, unheated, Ceylon white "star" sapphire, weighting exactly 5.00 cts., good, slightly "milky" white color, well executed, oval cabochon cut (with flat bottom), and measuring 9.20 x 7.63 x 6.97mmmm, excellent translucency, VVS2-VS1 from the gem fields of Marapana, Sri Lanka. The cabochon cut is always done in phenomenal stones, like stars & cat's eyes, where the top is well rounded & high polished, showing the asterism in the case of stars or chatoyancy in the case of cat's eyes stones. The bottom is almost always lumpy and uneven, and it is indeed the natural rough portion of the stone. This one has even, flat, worked bottom for easy setting. Real nice & centered star as well. Great price, nice one.

Adorable, top finest white, & flawless, Ceylon white sapphire. Beautiful one.



$425/ct               $599/gem

A Ceylon white sapphire that simply exudes perfection. This one weights 1.41 cts., top finest white (colorless), perfect oval "flower" cut, measuring 7.48 x 5.92 x 4.09mm, flawless gem, IF-VVS1 in clarity,  from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Naturally mined white sapphires are really becoming very hard to source. Any size, from 2-3-4mm to single stones, clean and well cut material is not available on a steady supply. Add the "Ebay white sapphires deals" selling synthetics to unknowingly people and here you have an unusual situation. Contrary to popular beliefs, white sapphires are really becoming hard to get and increasing in price by the season.

Alluring, perfect "antique" cushion shape, & great 3+ cts. size, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire.  Rare.



Very beautiful, no heat, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 3.13 cts., fine white color (colorless), superbly executed, "antique" cushion, mixed cut (with flower pavilion), measuring 8.88 x 7.24 x 5.66mm, eye flawless, VVS2 in clarity, from the gem fields of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. I really love this one. Great size, perfect cut, excellent clarity, as mother nature created it naturally, no treatments whatsoever, and an overall, very scintillating & sweet nature exciting the eye and the spirit. Excellent unheated white sapphire offered at a great price.

Immaculate, super clean, Ceylon white sapphire 7mm round. Rarely available.




A very beautiful, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 1.45 cts., round, good white (colorless), perfect, modified diamond cut, & measuring 7.10mm in diameter by 4.03mm deep, eye flawless, VVS1 in clarity, from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. What a beautiful round sapphire, perfectly cut & exuding perfection from every facet. As clean as it gets, this 7mm size is very, very hard to get. Not to be confused with eBay lab grown white sapphires, sold by unscrupulous dealers to common people that do not know that natural white sapphires are becoming really hard to get and always increasing in price. A great & sought after 7mm round one! Low heat.

Simply very, very beautiful, rare heart shape, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. Pure white.


$575/ct           $1,236/gem

What a beauty! This unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weights 2.15 cts., finest white (completely colorless), and fashioned in a heart shape, mixed cut, measuring 7.85 x 8.93 x 4.28mm, eye flawless, VVS2, from the gem fields of Nivitigala, cut & polished in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. We slightly tweaked the stone, by re-cutting a bit the pavilion (bottom) area. This sapphire is a must have. Either ring or pendant, this is guaranteed to enchant you, and surely this will bring the benevolence of Venus in your life. A real nice sapphire with awesome cut!

Superbly brilliant, re-cut, rare unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. What a great price for this beauty.




What an excellent, completely unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. This one weights 2.41 cts., good white color (comparable to an I color diamond, very near colorless), masterly & perfectly re-cut (from a slightly heavier weight), in a squarish, "antique" cushion, mixed cut shape, and measuring 7.87 x 7.45 x 4.60mm, eye flawless, VVS2 from the gem fields of Marapana, Sri Lanka. What a gorgeous stone, re-cut to perfection and exhibiting super luster, perfect cushion shape and blinding eye appeal. Completely unheated & untreated, this will mount simply very beautiful. Great price for this rare no heat white sapphire.

A real charming, well cut, rare unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. Simply beautiful.




This is an excellent & beautiful, completely no heat, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 2.39 cts., top fine white (comparable to a G color diamond)), masterly executed, "antique" cushion, mixed cut, and measuring 7.37 x 6.62 x 5.59mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Elahera, Sri Lanka. Once abundant in the gem gravel of Sri Lanka, and often sold very inexpensive because of the very little market demand, nowadays completely unheated white sapphires are as rare & expensive as ever. Their scintillation, strong & pristine luster, makes it the perfect, natural diamond alternative, not only in Jyotish, but also in regular jewelry wear. Fantastic one here, very beautiful!

Brilliant, perfectly cut, eye flawless, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. Adorable & rare no treatment.


$550/ct               $1,298/gem

A magical and clean, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire at a great, super price. It weights 2.36 ct., good white color, with a slightly silvery undertone (comparable to a L color diamond), perfect, masterful, oval, "flower" cut, measuring 8.5x7x5.1mm, eye flawless, VVS2-VS1 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. White and yellow sapphires have skyrocketed in price in the past 5 years. Strong demand and little findings of clean material is the cause of this everyday price climb. This one has a great scintillation and a clean body, and it is priced at wholesale. A very rare, completely no heat, Ceylon white sapphire that will bestow the power of Venus.

Bad pic of a gorgeous, certified no heat, Ceylon white sapphire. Diamond-like, lustrous, clean...auspicious.




Completely unheated white sapphire got to be the rarest form of corundum. This one weights 2.219 cts., very fine white (colorless), well executed, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 8.45x6.61x4.97mm, eye flawless, VVS2, from the gem fields of Nivitigala. Once abundant in the gem gravel of Sri Lanka, white sapphire rough is nowadays very rare and selling at high prices. In addition, a completely no heat, clean white sapphire, it is considered of great auspicity among the laborers mining operation at the time of unearthing. A very rare & clean, certified no heat, white sapphire. SGL-US certified "no heat & of Ceylon origin".

Ravishingly elegant, classic shape, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. Great size...very sparkling!



In two weeks time we were in Ratnapura buying sapphires, we saw only two stones in the 3 cts. size. Yes, the reality is that white sapphires are becoming too scarce and prices are at an all time high. In few years from now, they will be considered extremely rare gemstones. This one is a top of the line, flawless one. It weights 3.54 cts., top, finest white, comparable to a F color diamond, perfectly executed, rectangular, cushion, mixed cut, measuring 9.53x7x6mm, flawless gem, IF type2 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. A real auspicious and powerful gem in all respects, perfectly cut, finest white and flawless clarity, this will mount exquisitely. Do not delay on this one!

Exceedingly gorgeous, very well shaped, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. Great price.


$450/ct                $747/gem

This fabulous, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weights 1.66 cts., top, finest white (colorless, comparable to a D color diamond) masterly executed , "drop" shape, mixed cut, and measuring 8.77x6.60x3.81mm, flawless gem IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. Right now, one of the rarest colors in the sapphire kingdom, and accordingly sold for very high prices. There was a time, 20-30 years ago, when white sapphires were considered a not marketable color, when availability in the ground was there. Nowadays, well, things have really changed. Very sought after, considered the best, natural diamond alternative, they are simply gorgeous. This one will not fail to impress. Beautiful, pure, auspicious.

Very brilliant, charmingly seductive, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. Perfect gem!




A tad shy of being 3 cts., this magnificent, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weight 2.97 cts., top, fine white, comparable to a G color diamond, masterly executed, oval, mixed cut (with "flower" pavilion), measuring 9.23x7.15x5.33mm, eye flawless, VVS type2 from the gem fields of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. If there is a sapphire color that in the past five years, has been skyrocketing fivefold in price, that is the colorless, white hue. Very little rough is unearthed in any size, and when available, clean pieces are usually used to "create" diffused blue sapphire. This one is a truly diamond-like and effulgent white, with an awesome "flower" cut that brings out a scintillating and exciting luster. Gorgeous!

Adorable, very well crafted, "The Love Sign", Venus talisman. Gorgeously unique.



We have very few of these absolutely gorgeous, Venus talismans, crafted with 2.8 grams of fine 14K yellow gold, 1 1/4" long and 3/4" wide, with a center, Ceylon, natural white sapphire weighting averagely 1 to 1.1 cts., masterly executed, 6mm round, diamond cut, top white (colorless), & flawless clarity IF-VVS1, hailing from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. At the arrowed bottom part of the jewel, a Colombian emerald of 3.2mm, top, finest "grass" green color is bead set. The center white sapphire touches the skin for astrological purposes. Needless to say, a most beautiful, elegant and impressive Venus talisman at a great price. Unique all the way, auspicious and beautiful forever.

Lustrous, definitely charming, very well cut, unheated Ceylon white sapphire. Rare no heat white.



$300/ct               $375/gem

A very well cut, sparkling, natural & unheated, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 1.25 cts., good white color (with the faintest yellowish cast),, masterly executed, oval, 'flower" cut, and measuring 6.5x6.0x3.93mm, eye flawless, IF-VVS1 in clarity, from the gem fields of Balangoda, Sri Lanka. It is very, very common for an unheated white sapphire to have a light tint of yellowish, bluish, greenish or pinkish hue. It is basically the purpose of gentle heat treatment to the rough material to remove the natural tint and to produce a finer, colorless hue. This one is a great example of no heat white with perfect cut and blinding presence.

One-of-a-kind, 14KY gold, damburite and tsavorites, Byzantine cross talisman. No reserve. Exquisite.



A most unique and compelling jewel, inspired by a Byzantine design, this 14K yellow gold cross mounts a center, untreated damburite, weighting 4.05 ct., top finest white (colorless), perfectly executed, round, flower cut, 10mm in diameter, flawless gem, IF-VVS1 from the Charcas region, Mexico. There are 8 tsavorite garnets on the arms of the cross, fine, "emerald" green color, clean and bright, 2.2-2.3mm rounds. The large ribbed bail can accommodate any size chain. The stone touches the skin, so it can be used for astrological use. We guarantee this one so much nicer and mystically propitious in real life. We have available 2 more...

Absolutely captivating, very well cut, unheated, Ceylon white (tinted champagne) sapphire. A give away.


$275/ct               $303/gem

Delivering an effulgent and pure scintillation, this unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weights 1.10 cts., fine white, with the faintest champagne undertone, comparable to a G color diamond, masterly executed, round, modified diamond cut, measures 6.18mm in diameter by 3.72mm deep, VVS type2 in clarity, originating from the gem fields of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. Hard to believe, but unheated white sapphires are very hard to come by. They make a great, natural alternative to diamonds at a fraction of diamonds prices. This one will not fail to impress...sparkling and uniquely charming.

Inundated with light, perfectly cut, unheated, Ceylon "pure" white sapphire. Just gorgeous.



A pure white, unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weighting 0.89 cts., fine, whitest white, comparable to a E color diamond, perfectly executed, round, modified, diamond cut, measuring 5.72mm in diameter by 3.49mm deep, eye flawless, VVS type2 from the gem fields of Nivitigala, Sri Lanka. Here you will find only perfectly cut, completely eye flawless and unheated white sapphires. The best value in terms of quality and price you will find anywhere. This one is a pure white, with no tint, completely unheated, Ceylon white sapphire, cut to perfection, with divine luster. Very rare!

Uniquely & perfectly cut, definitely masculine,  unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. Scarce shape.


$425/ct               $999/gem

I love this shape in a sapphire. This unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weights 2.35 cts., fine white color (colorless, comparable to a G color diamond), masterly executed, rectangular, emerald "scissor" cut, and measuring 7.82x6.41x4.93mm, eye clean, VVS2-VS1 from the gem fields of Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka. A nice, Ceylon white sapphire with a most unusual, but perfect cutting. Very masculine in appearance, this is ideal for a gent's ring, or an unique pendant. Scarce material, right now natural white sapphire are simply becoming very rare & difficult to obtain. Real nice sapphire this one.

Amiable & spell-binding, very well cut & clean, no heat, Ceylon white sapphire. Very rare.



A delightful, completely unheated, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 1.61 cts., good white color (very near colorless), masterly executed, oval, "flower" cut, and measuring 7.73x6.34x4.04mm, eye flawless, VVS1-2 from unknown Sri Lankan locale. This white sapphire is simply cut to perfection, with a large face up, comparable to a 2+ cts. stone. And completely without treatments, white sapphire completely natural are indeed very rare. Gorgeously cut, super clean, great eye appeal, this a no heat, Ceylon white sapphire that sparkles like a diamond and will enchant you forever.

Magical, simply a gorgeous 14KY gold, Venus talisman. No reserve, one-of-a-kind.



Ethereal Venus talisman mounting a center 7mm, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 1.40 ct., top white, colorless, comparable to a D color diamond, perfectly executed, round, diamond cut flawless, IF-VVS clarity from Sri Lanka. The round, external frame incorporates four, intense Vietnamese rubies 3mm round, 0.58 ct. total weight, top pink-red, flawless clarity and twelve white sapphires and tsavorite garnets, 2.2mm rounds with a total weight of 1.10 ct., all eye flawless and well cut. Very heavy piece, over 6 grams. of gold, this is an extremely beautiful and mystical jewel that it is guaranteed to attract the benevolence of Venus.

Simply brilliant, perfectly cut, completely unheated, Ceylon white sapphire. A very lovely one.



$284/ct                  $395/gem

A most brilliant, Ceylon white sapphire, weighting 1.39 cts., good white color (with the faintest yellowish cast), masterly & perfectly executed, oval, "flower" cut, and measuring 6.40x5.62x4.48mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. An awesome Ceylon white sapphire, completely natural & unheated, that is well cut, thus producing a vibrant luster, and a spell-binding eye appeal. Very well priced for this diamond-like gemstone.

Ravishing & sparkling, perfect diamond cut, Ceylon white sapphire. The best natural alternative to a diamond.



We have available few, natural, Ceylon white sapphires available in the most sought after, diamond cut. They average 1  to 1.1 cts., top finest white (colorless), perfectly executed, round diamond cut, measuring 6.2-6.25mm in diameter, eye flawless, VVS type2 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Gorgeous gems, very sparkling, these are the best natural alternative to the artificially pricey diamonds...they mount well, will brighten your day and at this price, definitely a great, wholesale deal! Very limited number available...hurry!

Graciously beautiful,  brilliant, great spread, unheated, Ceylon white, (tinted pink) sapphire. Very unique!


$250/ct                         $273/gem

Very sparkling and radiant, this completely unheated, Ceylon white sapphire weights 1.09 cts., good white color with a faint pink tint, excellent, round, "flower", mixed cut, measures 6.4mm in diameter by 3.5mm deep, eye clean, VS2 in clarity, from the gem fields of Elahera, Sri Lanka. Unheated white sapphires are possibly the hardest to come by among all sapphire colors (excepted perhaps by the pink-orange Padparadschas.). This sapphire faces up completely eye clean with tiny crystals scattered under magnification, the sure, technical characteristic of its unheated state. Great spread, and overall very enticing, offered at a very low price.

One of our best seller! The 3-gems, Ceylon white sapphires ring. Spell-binding.



14K Yellow gold


14K White gold


Timeless. Gorgeous 3-gems, white sapphire ring, available either in 14K Yellow or White gold, mounting a center, natural, Ceylon white sapphire, 6.2mm round, diamond cut, weighting 1 ct. avg., top white, colorless, compare to a D color diamond, flawless, IF-VVS1 with excellent cutting proportions. The center stone is flanked by two pcs. of 4mm round, matching in flawless clarity, cut and colorless hue the center stone. Total weight of Ceylon sapphires is approx. 1.6-1.7cts. Available as size 6 or free 1 size up or down. Purchase ring and matching stud earrings shown beside and receive a 10% discount. These are not intended for astrological use (stones do not touch the skin)


  By popular demand, we now offer matching 14K Yellow or White gold stud earrings to our three-gems, white sapphire ring. These studs are 4 prongs,  heavy setting and ear post, truly sparkling and easy to wear. Available are 4 , 5,  and 6mm round, diamond cut, flawless, natural, Ceylon white sapphires. WOW! The 6mm are especially stunning, 1ct. for each stone,... make diamonds envy....And at these sizes, they are very, very rare. 
Purchase the 3-gems ring and match earrings and receive a 10% discount.

4mm $300
5mm $550
6mm  -----

White sapphires, matching pairs, round diamond cut. The best natural alternative to diamonds.

4mm -  avg  .30 ct. each  $185/pair
5mm -  avg  .60 ct. each $350/pair
6mm - avg  1 ct. each  ask
6.5mm     1.25 ct. each  Ask!
7mm      1.5 ct. each Ask!

Very scarce material right now, especially 6mm and 6.5mm, in a most sought after, round diamond cut. Over 6mm subjected to availability. These top, diamond cut, natural, Ceylon white sapphires are available in very limited number. These are gem quality, top white, flawless, with perfect cutting proportions. The finest available anywhere and very hard to get. Great for studs, 3 gems rings, anything that you can think of. Hurry! Not to be confused with lower clarity, lightly included material and/or badly cut, not to mention the synthetics available on EBay. Buyer beware of EBay. These looks better than diamonds.

Quick facts

White sapphires are becoming very difficult to get.  Prices for natural, clean and well cut stones have soared over the past 5 years. It is basically the very little availability of rough. Beware of inexpensive prices, especially on stones over 2-3-4 cts. in size. Or they are synthetics (EBay) or they are included and tinted stones. And beware of easy availability of round and princess cut shapes over 6mm. Again found on EBay) as they are very difficult to obtain, and only sporadically cut.

A piece of white sapphire, water-worn rough,
at the gem market in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.


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