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Hessonite Garnet Gomed for Jyotish
& Vedic Astrology
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Hessonite garnet ("Gomed" in Sanskrit & Hindi) is the Jyotish gem related to Rahu (Moon's ascending node), which is mainly an elemental and instinctual entity. When badly positioned, this "shadow planet" is characterized by insatiable worldly recognitions and desires together with sense gratification. Wearing a hessonite of at least 2 carats is said to bring success, wealth and notoriety in society, increase life span and good fortune. Hessonite can be substituted with orange zircon. If you want to know more about the gemological and astrological-healing properties of hessonites, click here.

Important: Important: The following pictures are highly magnified (30X) and do not show the gems' real size.  Color and brilliance can greatly vary from computer to computer, depending on your monitor's settings. Color will also, naturally, vary from sunlight to indoor, incandescent light. Dark and lighter areas are effects from the digital camera. See description for accuracy on clarity grade, color and exact dimensions in mm. Hessonite garnet is never treated.

Incredibly beautiful, glowing, great size, untreated, Ceylon "cinnamon" hessonite garnet.


$100/ct              $524/gem

Absolutely gorgeous, guaranteed much nicer than in the pic, Ceylon "royal" hessonite garnet, weighting a great 5.24 cts., finest "cinnamon" color (medium-dark, burnt reddish-orange), perfectly executed, oval mixed cut shape with checkerboard top, and measuring 10.94 x 8.87 x 6.92mm, eye flawless, VVS1 in clarity (super clean) from the gem fields of Kuruvita, Sri Lanka. A most beautiful hessonite gomed with a superb cinnamon color, flawless clarity and an undeniable, empowering feel to propitiate Rahu. Guaranteed much more beautiful than pic or 105% your money back if not satisfied.

Superbly flawless, finely cut, definitely beautiful,  untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet.


$100/ct              $281/gem

What a gorgeous hessonite gomed here! It weights 2.81 cts., medium, "imperial" golden-orange color, perfectly executed, oval, "flower" cut, and measuring 10.00 x 7.78 x 5.17mm, superbly flawless, IF-VVS1 in clarity, from the Kataragama mines, Sri Lanka. Possessing an awesome feel, this is a stone guarantee to enhance the Rahu energy and favors in your life. As good as it gets. We cherry picked form an old, friend miner's parcel of about 75 stones, and we picked 5 of them. The most flawless and well cut. Only with us, and of course at the lowest, wholesale prices for the quality we carry.


Very lovely, perfectly cut, absolutely clean, untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet.



$75/ct                $167/gem

What a beautiful gomed this one. Do not get mislead by the not-so-great picture. This Ceylon, "imperial" hessonite garnet weights 2.23 cts., pastel, golden-orange color (light tone), superbly & masterly executed in a trillion, mixed cut shape, and measuring 7x8x4mm,  eye flawless, perfectly clean, VVS1 in clarity from the Kataragama mines, Sri Lanka. Superbly cut, absolutely flawless, this gomed exudes a magical feel, a definite beautiful appearance and a sure auspicity.  Old stock, this light variety of hessonites are sadly mined no more. Get them at these low prices.

Simply lovely, superbly cut & flawless, untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet.


$75/ct                $152/gem

A very sweet, "imperial" hessonite garnet (gomed), weighting  2.02 cts., medium, golden-orange color, perfectly executed, oval, mixed cut and measuring 9.77x 7.02 x 4.18mm, VVS1 in clarity (super clean) from  the Kataragama mines, Sri Lanka. Every year we go through thousands of gemstones and we just pick the finest gemstones in term of clarity first, perfect cut and that sweet and beautiful feeling that you will recognize at first glance. We had re-cut this hessonite to perfection, to make sure it emanates the proper beauty and energy to benefit the eyes and soul of the wearer.

Spell-binding, absolute perfection, great size, untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet.


$110/ct               $616/gem

A most perfect, absolutely gorgeous, untreated, Ceylon "imperial" hessonite garnet, weighting 5.60 cts., medium, intense, "peachy" orange with golden undertones, superbly executed, perfect, pear shape, mixed cut, and measuring 11.7 x 10.22 x 6.97mm, eye flawless, super clean, IF-VVS1 in clarity, from the gem fields of of Kataragama, Southern Sri Lanka. Incredible gemstone, superbly flawless, captivating luster, this is a gem that will surely amaze you and uplift your Rahu energy. Very recommended. Not another one like it!

Charming, perfectly cut with excellent luster, untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet.


$100/ct               $316/gem

Another very beautiful, "imperial" hessonite gomed to propitiate Rahu, hailing from the already depleted mines in Kataragama, Southern Sri Lanka. It weights 3.16 cts., medium, peachy orange color with golden undertones, masterly faceted in an oval, "flower" cut, and measuring 10.40 x 7.91 x 5.1mm, eye flawless, VVS1 in clarity (super clean) from Sri Lanka. These orange-golden hessonites, when well cut & clean (which is rare, as they are usually very included) are simply gorgeous. This one has it all, and at a great price. A very recommended, flawless & well cut hessonite.

Ravishing, absolutely flawless, rare quality, untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet. Finest one.


$140/ct                 $923/gem 

A most flawless, Ceylon "imperial" hessonite garnet, weighting 6.59 cts., fine, medium, intense, orange "whiskey" color with golden tones, superbly cut in an "unnotched heart" shape, mixed cut, and measuring 11.52x13.09x6.90mm, flawless gem, IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Kataragama, Southern Sri Lanka. One of the nicest, uniquely colored, Ceylon, imperial hessonite ever offered. This particular color hessonite is found only in the fable island-nation of Sri Lanka. This one is simply flawless and of great size. Super gorgeous & definitely astrological auspicious. One of the nicest on hand. Destined to a very fortunate person.

Delightfully amiable, definitely auspicious, untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet. 


$100/ct              $352/gem

Absolutely love this one! Simply enchanting! This "imperial" hessonite garnet weights 3.52 cts., medium, orange-golden color, masterly executed, oval "flower" cut (re-cut to perfection), and measuring 9.98 x 8.08 x 5.96mm, eye flawless, VVS1 in clarity (super clean), from the gem fields of Kataragama, Sri Lanka. Even this light variety of hessonite, that used to be mined in Kataragama, southern Sri Lanka, averagely contains many "swirl" inclusions (treacle-like or whiskey-in-water type imperfections). Clean pieces are just rare. This one is not only clean, but possessing a most wonderful cutting as well for gorgeous eye appeal and spiritual auspicity.

Incredible color, well cut with flawless clarity, "cinnamon", untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet.


$110/ct               $399/gem

Wow, what an awesome beauty! Superb, royal hessonite garnet this one, weighting 3.63 cts., medium-dark, "burnt red-cinnamon" color, masterly executed, oval, mixed cut, measuring 10.13 x 8.31 x 4.88mm, eye flawless, IF-VVS1 in clarity (super clean), from the gem fields of Kuruvita, Sri Lanka. Simply a most gorgeous, super flawless, "cinnamon" hessonite, possessing all the best requisites to enhance and uphold the power of Rahu in your life.  Perfect cutting too. A must have.

Resplendent, superbly cut for large appearance, gorgeous color, untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet. For a special person.


$110/ct              $647/gem

Staggering & incredibly beautiful hessonite garnet this one, weighting 5.89 cts., medium, vivid, orange with golden undertones (amber color), masterly executed, round "flower" cut, and measuring 12.00mm in diameter x 6.52mm deep, VVS1 in clarity (super clean) from the already depleted gem fields of Kataragama, Sri Lanka.  One of those gems that need not too many words. Flawless clarity (which is rare in a hessonite), large face, more like a 7+ cts. stone (not weight on bottom), fine color for this light peachy variety. Resplendent like  a Sun. Very fine quality!

Absolutely ravishing, super clean, great cutting, untreated, Ceylon orange-golden hessonite garnet.



$120/ct                $743/gem

If you want a rare, flawless in clarity, Ceylon hessonite, this is the gem for you. It weights 6.19 cts., medium, intense orange with golden undertones, masterly executed, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 11.50 x 10.27 x 7.11mm, flawless gem, IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Kataragama, Sri Lanka. This superior hessonite possess all the requisite of a powerful, Rahu gem, a rare flawless clarity, good size and a gorgeous & exciting luster. Old dealer stock, re-cut for maximum eye appeal, this material is not mined anymore and destined to go up in price.

Auspicious, well cut & clean, untreated, "cinnamon" color, Ceylon hessonite garnet.



$85/ct                  $213/gem

Mysteriously enticing, this hessonite garnet (called "gomeda" in Jyotish astrology) weights 2.50 cts., fine, burnt "cinnamon" orange color, perfectly executed, "antique" cushion, mixed cut, and measuring 8.80 x 7.53 x 4.68mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. We only choose the cleanest and well cut, Ceylon hessonites available. Not an easy task, if you consider that hessonite garnet is a gem variety borderlining type3, which means "always included". Rest assured that our hessonites (gomedas) are astrologically auspicious & beautiful to the eye.

Another very sweet, perfectly cut, flawless, Ceylon hessonite gomeda. Irresistible.



$75/ct                    $159/gem

At these prices, how can you resist! These peach-orange, hessonites garnets are mined only in Ceylon, the mine has been depleted circa 9 years ago, and... they are simply gorgeous! This one weights 2.12 cts., medium, golden-orange-peachy color, perfectly executed, oval "flower" cut, measures 8.17x7.3x5.26mm, flawless gem, VVS1 type2 from the gem fields South-west of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. We believe that only very well-cut gems with finest, flawless clarity have the positive energy to vibrate and resonate with the wearer's body. This is a great sample of a most beautiful gem at a bargain price.

Very uniquely shaped, flawless, untreated, "cinnamon" Ceylon hessonite garnet. Simply gorgeous.


$140/ct            $1,175/gem

What an unique & gorgeous hessonite garnet. It weights a great 8.39 cts., finest "cinnamon" color, masterly & uniquely executed in a marquise, mixed cut shape, and measuring 17.63 x 10.19 x 7.16mm, absolutely flawless, super rare clarity, IF-VVS1 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Hessonite garnet is a type2 gemstone that is border lining the type3, which means that it is usually always included, both in the lighter variety and in the dark cinnamon color. To find flawless hessonites is just a rare occurrence. Here is your chance to get a completely clean, well & uniquely cut hessonite of impressive eye appeal.

Very sweet, completely flawless, peachy-orange, Ceylon hessonite garnet. Beautiful.

$75/ct                   $206/gem

A very cute, Ceylon hessonite garnet that is priced well. This beauty weights 2.58 ct., medium, golden-orange color, excellent, oval, flower cut measuring 9.2x8.3x4.75mm, eye flawless, VVS type2 from Sri Lanka. With the mine exhausted of quality gems, the little available on the market of this very rare variety is appreciating by the week. This is an old stock with the affordable price. And the gem is well worth it! Great brilliant gem.

Magical & definitely auspicious, very well cut and super clean, Ceylon "imperial" hessonite garnet. Beautiful one.


$75/ct                    $197/gem

A real special hessonite, this one weighting 2.63 cts., medium, golden-orange color, masterly executed, trillion mixed cut, and measuring 8.88x9.58x5.39mm, eye flawless, VVS1 from the Kataragama mine, Moneragala District, Sri Lanka. The lighter "peachy-orange" variety of hessonite, only found in Sri Lanka is a rather beautiful gemstone. Most of the time, heavily included, borderlining the type3 gemstones like emeralds and rubellite tourmalines, and nowadays completely mined out. This one has top flawless clarity, superbly perfect cut and an overall spirit-uplifting feel. Simply perfect.

Absolutely spell-binding, flawless, superbly cut, top quality, Ceylon "cinnamon" hessonite garnet. The very best available.


$140/ct               $969/gem

The very best in the cinnamon color variety, this untreated, Ceylon hessonite garnet weights 6.92 cts., top, finest, medium-dark, "burnt orange" (top cinnamon color!), masterly, executed, "antique" cushion, mixed cut, measuring 12.53x10.65x6.65mm, flawless gem, IF-VVS1, from the gem fields of Balangoda, Sri Lanka. These first 3 cushions on this left column, are possibly the most flawless and awesome hessonite garnets we had in years (with the exception of a 23 cts. one a couple of years back). Simply the very best in terms of flawlessness, perfection in cut, conspicuous size and possessing the famed "cinnamon" color. Very rare quality.

Absolutely gorgeous, big size, rare Ceylon, orange-golden hessonite garnet. Superb luster.


$150/ct            $1,683/gem

One of the most beautiful, Ceylon hessonites we have on hand right now. Conspicuous in size, this gem weights 11.22 cts., medium, orange color with golden undertones, masterly executed, oval, mixed cut, and measuring 14.73 x 10.73 x 9.15mm, eye flawless, VVS2 from the gem fields of Kataragama, Sri Lanka. Old stock from a Sri Lankan friend, this gem has been re-cut to perfection from an originally 14.68 cts. in weight. This particular color is only found in Sri Lanka, & specifically in Kataragama, but the mines there have not produced significant gem quality rough material since 2006. What is left are older stock stones here & there. We are proud to offer such beautiful specimen. 

Splendidly  magical, unusually cut, flawless, true "cinnamon color, Ceylon hessonite gomeda. One-of-a-kind.


A compelling, Ceylon hessonite garnet weighting 4.55 cts., medium-dark, finest, "cinnamon" (burnt orange) color, uniquely executed in an "hexagon" fancy, step cut shape, measuring 11.92x9.634.9mm, near flawless, VVS type2 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Such a mystical and unique cut, the clarity is at its top and the color is the sought after and auspicious true "cinnamon" hue. This one will make the most unique and spiritual pendant to propitiate Rahu. Do not hesitate on this one. We have another similar one fashioned in the same cut, but a bit smaller, so....get this one today if you are looking for something truly special!

True "cinnamon" color, alluring, Ceylon hessonite gomeda. Perfect pendant gem.


Magical, Ceylon hessonite garnet, weighting 2.58 cts., fine "cinnamon" color (deep brown-"burnt" orange), perfectly executed, pear, mixed cut, measures 9.73x7.75x4.84mm, eye flawless, VVS tyupe2 from the gem fields of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. We had this stone re-cut to ideal proportions in a beautiful, fancy, pear, mixed cut shape. It will attract the instinctual benevolences of Rahu and moreover will mount exquisite as a pendant stone. Very low price for this quality!

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