Natural, unheated and untreated, superior gemstones for Jyotish Vedic astrology, Ayurveda and Healing. 
Personalized, one-of-a-kind, planetary talismans of auspicity, potency & undeniable beauty. Invest in your future today!

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Men's Ring Designs for Jyotish, Vedic Gemology & Astrology
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These are only sample designs, intended for referral purposes & intended for any loose gemstone you see in our inventory pages. 
For ladies ring styles go here.  Price/estimates on rings are given this way:
1- Pick a gem in our inventory pages that you like & suits your budget.
2- Pick a ring style that you like below. We usually like, due to copyright reasons, to craft our own, (copyrighted) designs and not other' people designs. We will always recommend you the best setting for a particular, chosen gemstone.
3- Decide which metal you would like to have the ring crafted with.
4- Know your accurate finger size. Go to your local jewelry store, & ask candidly to have your finger measured. Pick your best fit.
Do NOT have your finger measured by cutting a paper strip as you might see on the internet. That method is not accurate.
5- Email this info to us. You will be given the estimated price for that particular ring.
These copyrighted settings will fit the majority of our gemstones and are custom crafted strictly in accordance to Vedic principles. Gems are set on the appropriate day and of course, touch the skin. A Puja (Vedic blessing) is performed prior setting the stone.
Bespoke pieces are available in 14K yellow, white & rose gold, 18K yellow, white & rose gold, and silver-platinum (not tarnishing alloy) for pearls.


























We take pride in custom make every single talisman we deliver to our customers. Although these are the overall styles, each and every piece is strictly one-of-a-kind, & unique, with that something that will be different from a previous one in the same style. Being the styles of prongs, a slightly ticker granulation or perhaps absence of it, none of the pieces we make are exactly identical. Strictly customized to you,
because you ARE UNIQUE.
See our jewels creation process page.







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